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(Reviewer or reviews editor? Press kit for Leena Krohn 

LEENA KROHN'S COLLECTED FICTION, 850 pages spanning the career of one of Finland's most iconic writers. (December 2015). 

--Available for pre-order from Cheeky Frawg: hardcover $41.00 ($34.99 + shipping) publisher direct in U.S.; two-part e-book $17.00 worldwide. (Available for pre-order from Amazon and other online vendors in mid-November. We're sorry we cannot take direct preorders outside of the U.S.)

“One of the most important books published in the U.S. this year. [Leena Krohn’s Collected Fiction] is as important a publishing event in its own way as New Directions' release...of Clarice Lispector's Complete Stories.” – Matthew Cheney, The Mumpsimus
"An extraordinary writer who deserves to be better known to readers in English—which, thanks to this excellent collection, is now possible. Reminiscent of Calvino, Borges, and Lem." – STARRED REVIEW, Kirkus

A celebration of a legendary Finnish author, from the publisher of It Came From The North (a sampler of Finnish fiction), the short fiction of Nigerian legend Amos Tutuola, and the award-winning Jagannath from Swedish sensation Karin Tidbeck... 
From cities of giant insects to a mysterious woman claiming to be the female Don Quixote, Leena Krohn's fiction has fascinated and intrigued readers for over forty years. Within these covers you will discover a pelican that can talk and a city of gold. You will find yourself exploring a future of intelligence both artificial and biotech, along with a mysterious plant that induces strange visions. Krohn writes eloquently, passionately, about the nature of reality, the nature of Nature, and what it means to be human. One of Finland's most iconic writers, translated into many languages, and winner of the prestigious Finlandia Prize, Krohn has had an incredibly distinguished career. Collected Fiction provides readers with a rich, thick omnibus of the best of her work--including novels, novellas, and short stories. Appreciations of Krohn's work are also included.
For readers of Ursula K. Le Guin, Milan Kundera, Virginia Woolf, Tove Jansson, and Italo Calvino.

Leena Krohn: Collected Fiction allows English-language readers to experience the full range of this remarkable writer’s talent. Within its pages, you will find not just new short story translations but the first English-language translation of Pereat Mundus, a mind-bending novel of philosophy, science, and the future—as well as first publication of the playful but pointed children’s fantasy novel The Pelican’s New Clothes (made into a movie in Finland), which explored, in prophetic fashion, our relationship to animals. Krohn’s classic Tainaron: Mail From Another City is also included, along with several essays and appreciations of her work. Finally, we have brought back into print after long absence novels like the impressionistic Doña Quixote and Other Citizens: A Portrait, about a mysterious woman in an unnamed city, and Gold of Ophir, set in the same city as Doña Quixote. 

Available now:

It Came From the North edited by Desirina Boskovich -
A great selection of Finnish fantasy fiction, from writers making inroads into the U.S. and U.K. publishing scene.

Don’t Pay Bad for Bad & Other Stories by Amos Tutuola — A selection of previously uncollected and rare tales by the Nigerian master storyteller. Introduction by Tutuola’s son and afterword by Matthew Cheney. (E-book only.) “Tutuola’s work is under-celebrated, overwhelming, deliciously mad and many times just plain hilarious. In his worlds, Death isn’t even safe from misfortune. His tales are both local and universal. If you are a fan of speculative literature, Don’t Pay Bad for Bad is required reading.” – World Fantasy Award winner Nnedi Okorafor 

Tainaron by Leena Krohn. This World Fantasy Award finalist short novel by one of Finland’s most highly regarded writers is a personal favorite of ours, detailing an anonymous narrator’s trip to a strange city whose inhabitants consist of intelligent insects. “Krohn is a writer of the first rank — comparable to Kafka, or a more generous Lem. The novel contains scenes of startling beauty and strangeness that change how the reader sees the world.” – Locus Online, year’s best article


Introduction by Elizabeth Hand
Afterword by the author

E-book: $5.99
Trade paperback: $11.99 (order through bookstores/online catalogues; not available through this site)

“I have never read anything like Jagannath. Karin Tidbeck’s imagination is recognizably Nordic, but otherwise unclassifiable–quietly, intelligently, unutterably strange. And various. And ominous. And funny. And mysteriously tender. These are wonderful stories.” – Ursula K. Le Guin

“Restrained and vivid, poised and strange, Tidbeck, with her impossible harmonies, is a vital voice.” – China Miéville

Enter the strange and wonderful world of Swedish sensation Karin Tidbeck with this feast of darkly fantastical stories. Whether through the falsified historical record of the uniquely weird Swedish creature known as the “Pyret” or the title story, “Jagannath,” about a biological ark in the far future, Tidbeck’s unique imagination will enthrall, amuse, and unsettle you. How else to describe a collection that includes “Cloudberry Jam,” a story that opens with the line “I made you in a tin can”? Marvels, quirky character studies, and outright surreal monstrosities await you in what is likely to be one of the most talked-about short story collections of the year.

Tidbeck is a rising star in her native country, having published a collection there in Swedish, won a prestigious literary grant, and just sold her first novel to Sweden’s largest publisher. A graduate of the iconic Clarion Writer’s Workshop at the University of California, San Diego, in 2010, her publication history includes Weird Tales, Shimmer Magazine, Unstuck Annual and the anthology Odd.

“In these wonderful, subtle stories, magic arrives quietly. It comes from the forests or the earth or was always there in your own family or maybe exists in another realm entirely…leaving you slightly dazed and more than a little enchanted.” – Karen Joy Fowler

“Jagannath heralds the arrival of a bold and brilliant new voice, which I see too few of these days. You must read Karin Tidbeck.” – Caitlín R. Kiernan

“In Karin Tidbeck’s collection Jagannath, the mundane becomes strange and the strange familiar with near-Hitchcockian subtlety. I loved Tidbeck’s clean, classic prose. It creates beautifully eerie music for a twilight domain.” – Karen Lord

“I can’t think of when I last read a collection that blew me away the way that Jagannath has, or one that’s left me somewhat at a loss to describe just how strange and beautiful and haunting these tales are.” – Elizabeth Hand (from her introduction)


The Honey Month

$3.99 US

Amal El-Mohtar’s The Honey Month, with an introduction by Danielle Sucher, ranks among the year’s most exquisite treasures. This beautiful volume of short fictions and poems by a rising star of the next generation of fantastical writers takes as its inspiration the author’s tasting of 28 different kinds of honey, one per day. Each tasting leads to a different literary creation, each entry beginning with a description of the honey in terms that will be familiar to wine connoisseurs: “Day 3–Sag Harbor, NY, Early Spring Honey,” which has a color “pale and clear as snowmelt” and the smell “cool sugar crystals,” but also brings to mind “a stingless jellyfish I once held in my hand in Oman.” The taste? “…like the end of winter…[when] you can still see clumps of snow on the ground and the air is heavy with damp…” The differences between the types of honey allow El-Mohtar to move back and forth between the poetic and the more casually contemporary, with the experiment of the tasting as the unifying structure. A perfect gift, a hidden treasure, a delight for the senses.

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The Honey Month

ODD?, Volume 1, edited by ANN & JEFF VANDERMEER
$6.99 US

ODD?, a new anthology series devoted to eclectic fiction, usually with a fantastical, horrific, magic realist, or surrealist approach. You might also call it strange or even weird. But as the subtitle of “Is it odd or are you too normal?” suggests, “odd” is a truly subjective evaluation. One person’s “what the heck?!” is another person’s “eh—saw that yesterday.”

Each volume will contain reprints (some of them not available otherwise except in expensive limited editions), previously unpublished stories, and new translations of classic and hard-to-find stories. Authors in volume 1 include Caitlin R. Kiernan, Jeffrey Ford, Hiromi Goto, Nalo Hopkinson, and many more. We are committed to bringing you odd material from all over the world, from the past one hundred years, all of it bound together simply by dint of being idiosyncratic, unusual, out-of-the-ordinary. Click here for subscription and Oddkin information, as well as the full table of contents.

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$2.99 US

"Aims to do for kosher food what Barlowe’s Guide to Extraterrestrials did for animal guides what The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy did for...well, the galaxy.... And the thing is: it really does the job." – Jewish Learning

"This slim and silly volume is the ideal gift for anyone who has tried to make a saving throw vs. petrification using a dreidel." – io9
A perfect gift book, this sumptuously illustrated and whimsically bite-sized bestiary is the definitive – in fact only - guide to the kosherness (kashrut) of imaginary animals. It is an undomesticated romp from A to Z, including the Pope Lick monster, Mongolian Death Worms, and the elusive chupacabra. As featured on Boing Boing and and brought to you by the same creative team that gave you The Thackery T. Lambshead Pocket Guide to Eccentric and Discredited Diseases, this irreverent abecedary is the must-have present for anyone seeking to broaden their imaginary culinary experiences guilt-free.

This hilarious kashrut will rank with the most famous of theological contests. In this corner is Evil Monkey, the one-time presidential candidate and alter-ego of acclaimed fantasist Jeff VanderMeer. His more-than-worthy adversary is Ann VanderMeer, Jeff’s co-anthologist (Steampunk, Last Drink Bird Head) and editor of Weird Tales. Also weighing in is Duff Goldman from the Food Network reality show Ace of Cakes, who reveals how to properly prepare the fantastical beasts.

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The Kosher Guide

$1.99 US

A collection of unique short fictions by World Fantasy Award winner Jeff VanderMeer previously available only in a signed, limited, numbered edition. These stories, praised by K.J. Bishop and Liz Williams, take the facts of real life fantasy readers and uses them as the starting point for startling, funny, and rapturous secret lives. Discover clandestine librarians, a man obsessed with a mechanical duck, a strange mascot, a person who is a portal, a priest battling a shark, and much more. Originally published in a limited edition hardcover and available now as an ebook for the first time.

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Secret Lives

$2.99 US

The Compass of his Bones contains the title story as well as the novella “Ghost Dancing with Manco Tupac” and three other related short stories: “The Emperor’s Reply” “La Siesta Del Muerte,” and “Flight Is For Those Who Have Not Yet Crossed Over.” From a transcript of the adventures of the last Incan emperor to a harrowing story of Conquistador greed, from a satire of a botched American invasion of "Bananama" to the quiet life of a conflicted prison guard, these stories set in Latin America address issues of colonialism, the sources of myth, and whose version of history/story becomes fact... Together, these stand-alone stories set in Latin America were to have formed the backbone of a never-completed mosaic novel. The author’s interest in Latin America derived from trips there as a child, including a visit to Machu Picchu in the 1970s. Subsequently he studied Latin American history as a minor at the University of Florida

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The Compass

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